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Mobile phones that look long to be safe in the face of rising threats to computer security are a major target for hackers and a growing concern for IT departments.
During the first mobile virus is from the June 2004 remained limited risks by hackers because of the relatively small size of the market.
But it has recently with the rise in the smartphone segment, which changed this year outgrew the PC market, and the new dominance of Google Android software.
The development of mobile payments, the buyer can take just to allow their phones at a cash register, is whetting the interest of hackers and data thieves.
"Mobile security is a paramount concern for smartphone transactions now of much greater value, including access to corporate data, managing personal finances and online purchases," said Steven Nathasingh, chief of the U.S. market research firm vaxa Inc.
Most consumers have not protected their smartphones. Less than 5 percent of smartphones and tablets are installed with security software, according to Juniper Research.
The research firm expects a rise in demand with the annual market for mobile security software is growing by $ 3600000000-2016 to see.
"With intensified more and more mobile devices, the kidnapped without the owner's knowledge, the risk of identity theft and personal financial losses," said Peter Davin, CEO of Cryptzone.
A study by Deloitte in this week has shown that companies in the technology, media and telecommunications sector data stored on mobile devices, employees, their biggest security headaches to expect in 2012.
"The employees should be aware that access to a personal device to corporate data and personal consequences," said Davin is Cryptzone. "For example, if the device is lost, stolen or surreptitiously copied, the organization may decide to wipe data."
In the United States alone, lost 113 mobile phones per minute, according to market research firm Gartner.
For most criminals would attack in order to install software on a victim of the phone.
But at a hacker conference this week, Karsten Nohl, a noted expert on mobile phone safety, showed how to get the remote control of a telephone and text messages and calls made from telephones to which he does not have access.
Nohl used a vulnerability in GSM network technology - that is used by billions of people in about 80 percent of the worldwide mobile communications market - the providers in their networks can patch, but not carried out by most carriers.

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